The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Rescue brute grabbing end of tail 7 letters SALVAGE
Band’s mega hit Motown initially put out 4 letters SASH
Villain’s accent not British 5 letters ROGUE
Resentment of private picked up 7 letters RANCOUR
Down the back of one’s neck mostly 3 letters NAP
Restrains labourers holding strike 9 letters HANDCUFFS
To expel almost all of gang is hard 6 letters BANISH
Quite right for salesperson to come back 6 letters PROPER
A daughter calling for recognition 9 letters ADMISSION
Extremely palatable a vegetable 3 letters PEA
Not all stand by doctor a radical 7 letters DRASTIC
Dog belonging to Alec or Giles 5 letters CORGI
Finish second best 4 letters STOP
Complicated tests on hat 7 letters STETSON
Bound to get on diving platform 11 letters
Type of delivery members nail 7 letters LEGSPIN
Gemstones my hat! Set’s fake! 9 letters AMETHYSTS
English bishop with task to perform 6 letters ERRAND
Son at home gives offence 3 letters SIN
Mock small company very loudly 5 letters SCOFF
Advance booking condition 11 letters RESERVATION
Appalling the French record 9 letters CHRONICLE
Ancient document with syrup spread across a page 7 letters PAPYRUS
Endless talk about throwing event 6 letters DISCUS
Had in mind low temperature 5 letters MEANT
Gratuity — mine sent over 3 letters TIP

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