The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Award boy in play in theatreland 8 letters BROADWAY
State university — teach with some regularly absent 4 letters UTAH
Study to get money after end of school 5 letters LEARN
Hot air from the jolly group joining Jolson? 7 letters THERMAL
Fool that may get in your hair 3 letters NIT
Nun involved with maniac who comes from northern city? 9 letters MANCUNIAN
Broad area no longer needing shelter 6 letters EXTENT
Cold female unable to get muscles moving? 6 letters FRIGID
Start game unconventionally making attempt to gain advantage 9 letters STRATAGEM
Meadow within arable area 3 letters LEA
Support wild animal away from habitat? 7 letters BEAROUT
Bit of food from my tin sent back 5 letters NACHO
They’re obviously young son’s first things? 4 letters TOYS
Prisoner solitary had finally to be comforted 8 letters CONSOLED
Composure of bishop leader of church in a restricted way 7 letters BALANCE
Love ingredient in yesteryear’s style 5 letters OPART
Religious group’s value? 12 letters
One bumped off in fighting somewhere in London 5 letters ACTON
Encountered rising sound working in office for a while? 7 letters TEMPING
Beautiful woman Ethel envied? Just a bit 5 letters HELEN
Fresh request miner made for things needed 12 letters
Two sailors coming to unknown region of old 7 letters TARTARY
Stone in part of baseball playing area 7 letters DIAMOND
Boast about making a shoe without any leather 5 letters SABOT
Good German fellow getting annoyed 5 letters GOTTO
Behold 150 gathered round a pub 5 letters LOCAL

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