The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Monarch raving to vicar about one 8 letters VICTORIA
Surrenders primitive weapons 4 letters BOWS
Old language the French preserve 5 letters LATIN
After church queen left for station 7 letters CHANNEL
Comes across revolutionary art and poetry 9 letters TRAVERSES
Flushed but hardly flush in this 3 letters RED
Brings up Religious Education in English county 6 letters BREEDS
Game of golf embraced by newlywed 6 letters BRIDGE
Unions returning on a smaller scale? 3 letters CUT
New wardens on the way for golf club 9 letters STANDREWS
Reflecting some merit lasses feature on Scottish flag! 7 letters SALTIRE
One judge getting angry 5 letters IRATE
Promise without really delivering at first 4 letters WORD
Rush to NE moving from different direction 8 letters SOUTHERN
Nearly all getting into animal doctor’s clean car 5 letters VALET
Country dwelling with animal enclosure outside over the top 7 letters COTTAGE
Very little weight carried by announcement 5 letters OUNCE
Where luggage goes as a precaution 6 letters INCASE
Someone who has depression missing daughter 5 letters OWNER
Large stain ruined old pegs 7 letters SPLODGE
Emperor’s carriage crossing sea to the north 6 letters CAESAR
Deer spotted woodcutter 7 letters BUCKSAW
Boy doing some spring-cleaning briefly 6 letters DUSTIN
When to expect moisture it’s said on fruit 7 letters DUEDATE
Stare with old boy turning up in summerhouse 6 letters GAZEBO
Row about Liberal alternative to Thatcher? 5 letters TILER
Meaning to join doctor if time 5 letters DRIFT
Starts on some Kafka: a German yarn 5 letters SKEIN

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