The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 24 2022 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword November 24 2022 Answers:

Chap recalled skill: something frequently repeated 6 letters MANTRA
Effect of legislation introduced by one politician 6 letters IMPACT
I’m unable to comply with prisoner being sent back with nothing 7 letters NOCANDO
Japanese food coming with S American greeting 5 letters SUSHI
Spirit of good army 5 letters GHOST
Annoyed born Democrat was ahead of things 7 letters NEEDLED
Get off sled as it were in heavy rainfall? 6 letters DELUGE
Hasten to change capital 6 letters ATHENS
Football player with reward for waiting? Fancy shoe 7 letters WINGTIP
Mischievous and somewhat self-involved 5 letters ELFIN
Embarrass a party 5 letters ABASH
Toreros carved up bird 7 letters ROOSTER
Busybodies getting silverware returned 6 letters SNOOPS
Maybe Laurel’s recited a piece of poetry 6 letters STANZA
Fellow got older and coped 7 letters MANAGED
Chip in spinach omelette 5 letters NACHO
Be an efficient controller of this unit: graph organised 13 letters
Rampaging mobs hesitated and lost an opportunity 13 letters
Pardon sailor to work things out 7 letters ABSOLVE
Proved trustworthy 5 letters TRIED
Squeal having zero stuff to write with 4 letters OINK
New joke penned in the toilet back in the day 7 letters LONGAGO
Belted out revolutionary song making wine drink 7 letters SANGRIA
Starts to shred packaging after receiving box 4 letters SPAR
Covers hip-hop songs on the radio 5 letters WRAPS
Fount damaged mattress 5 letters FUTON

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