The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Originally on African soil it supplies refuge 5 letters OASIS
A piece of crockery may be flying 6 letters SAUCER
Peer over there before much time has passed 7 letters EARLYON
Danger of salesman returning: I left 5 letters PERIL
But lots of other insects do this too 3 letters FLY
Persecuting the Baskervilles? 8 letters HOUNDING
One used to paint trading vessel a dizzying experience 13 letters
Carefully adjust enjoyable melody 8 letters FINETUNE
Victory almost a breeze 3 letters WIN
Cog for example excessively tough on the outside 5 letters TOOTH
Little pebbles hard during one run 7 letters SHINGLE
Superheroes these military servants? 6 letters BATMEN
Wrong American gets a hole in the head 5 letters SINUS
Order to soldiers for some blazing coals 8 letters OPENFIRE
Go wandering and find accommodation across river 5 letters STRAY
Menu suggestion for one preparing to be shot? 9 letters SAYCHEESE
Like quiet poisoner 3 letters ASP
Goodness! Note damaged headdress 7 letters CORONET
Turn over bread list 4 letters ROLL
Need curious changes after a while 11 letters
Criminal spied rare hangings 9 letters DRAPERIES
King’s daughter succeeded after his sons? 8 letters PRINCESS
Knocked unconscious and available for inspection? 7 letters LAIDOUT
Keep shaking cart 5 letters WAGON
Butt or small cask 4 letters STUB
Part of Plymouth miles away from home 3 letters HOE

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