The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Cartoon dog without tail trailed by cunning philosopher 8 letters PLUTARCH
Graduate meeting church composer 4 letters BACH
Something cheesy coming from pantomime dame 4 letters EDAM
Serious-looking fellow embarrassed about perfume 8 letters POMANDER
Repaired tent I now entered 8 letters WENTINTO
Support for champ finally 4 letters PROP
Move awkwardly in sleep hiding head 6 letters LUMBER
King meeting a judge for contact sport 6 letters KARATE
Cut up cubes 4 letters DICE
Has a feeling religious groups will contain unique selling point 8 letters SUSPECTS
Party friend keeping in control 8 letters DOMINATE
Succeeding with trap catching ten 4 letters NEXT
Foursome in concert on a single occasion 4 letters ONCE
Standing in train get flustered 8 letters TREATING
Bound to get left on shelf 5 letters LEDGE
Sort of test coming up for boy 3 letters TOM
English city’s giving wish for peace — small number turned up 5 letters RIPON
Poor actor to make jokes about in bed 7 letters HAMMOCK
Something hard about a role for French emperor 9 letters BONAPARTE
Something to smoke in bed — brave man gets tucked in 7 letters CHEROOT
Lean bit we chewed — this washed it down? 9 letters TABLEWINE
International organisation one with something banal that can’t be believed in! 7 letters UNICORN
Sailor with external support gets new beginning 7 letters RESTART
Woman in garden is lifting something to sift soil? 5 letters SIEVE
American lover once wearing brown 5 letters TEXAN
Head old teaching union 3 letters NUT

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