The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Sale that sounds weird to some? 6 letters BAZAAR
Told stories added by brief regularly recalled 6 letters FIBBED
Reports Athletic Club matters 8 letters ACCOUNTS
Fish a healthy red colour tailless 4 letters RUDD
Measure of length of payment time 4 letters FEET
Widespread agitating I’d suffer endlessly 7 letters DIFFUSE
Returning favour to Ms Darling perhaps as compensation 11 letters SAVINGGRACE
Arrogant school bowler perhaps 7 letters HIGHHAT
Pilgrimage starts off hopeful and joyful journey 4 letters HAJJ
A couple of lines penned by each girl 4 letters ELLA
Back in Paris I annoy local French citizen 8 letters LYONNAIS
Lincoln’s assassin by front of stage stalls 6 letters BOOTHS
Stylish clothes ultimately dyer’s transformed 6 letters DRESSY
Family on radio taking their bow? 7 letters ARCHERS
Sailor not at home? That’s concerning 5 letters ABOUT
Manage to flee 3 letters RUN
Female at first rubbished this gift causing a punch-up 9 letters FISTFIGHT
Live with artist accepting vilification in Caribbean location 7 letters BERMUDA
Fellow spun round endlessly 5 letters EDDIE
Foul places knight visits heaving dull sigh 9 letters DUNGHILLS
Wandering around Virginia on allowance 7 letters VAGRANT
Exhorts in French to marry son 7 letters ENJOINS
A greeting the chap is going to love 5 letters HELLO
Joint that’s nothing exceptional inside 5 letters HINGE
Elderly Cockney’s influence 3 letters OLD

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