The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

Boxer grabbing an Indian every so often is joking 7 letters PUNNING
Tribe of 50 in prison 4 letters CLAN
Medical officer to exploit timid creature 5 letters MOUSE
Catch two short of a dozen and cheer 7 letters HEARTEN
Self-centredness IMO gets out of hand 7 letters EGOTISM
Not entirely logical — often up in the air 5 letters ALOFT
Stomach ringer Yankee 5 letters BELLY
Girl’s casual trousers 5 letters JEANS
Finally tea is drunk we had requested 5 letters ASKED
Ringroad has part that’s got spoken about 7 letters ORBITAL
Frantically bind edge after cutting sheets etc 7 letters BEDDING
Fine southern cathedral city 5 letters WELLS
Fish found in rock missing head 4 letters HAKE
Tale altered in the middle following the setter’s puzzle 7 letters MYSTERY
Girl with salesman turned to see mother 6 letters PAMPER
Nineteen euro needed for a shrink’s special cell 7 letters NEURONE
Old people I notice close by within hearing 5 letters ICENI
Get back whence you came! Sentiment about Henry and me 6 letters GOHOME
Gents maybe assuming bike races to be a children’s game? 5 letters LOTTO
Number I catch in New York 6 letters NINETY
Leave caveat to be resolved 6 letters VACATE
Beethoven maybe primarily dealt with imperfection in ear 6 letters LUDWIG
Girl a shade upset by fib 7 letters NATALIE
Graduate hiding in tree beneath king’s citadel 6 letters KASBAH
Odd exotic jewel a fair attraction 6 letters DODGEM
Flamboyant Alf turned bashful 6 letters FLASHY
Camera makers put out by lack of light — not right 5 letters KODAK
Gets out some crockery? 5 letters BOWLS

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