The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Policemen’s ball? You might be arrested there 7 letters COPSHOP
Position of faculty announced 4 letters SITE
Old writer on about Sir Len Hutton? 6 letters OPENER
Some Mexican aperitifs and a bite to eat? 6 letters CANAPE
Picnic and what you might eat on it? 11 letters PIECEOFCAKE
Give first of benzedrine tablets to wife 6 letters BESTOW
Wail about that woman making fruit 6 letters CHERRY
Support rebellious modern teens 11 letters
Idiot in school becoming a pain 6 letters STITCH
Threatening words occasionally worried London Stock Exchange 6 letters ORELSE
Raised money they say 4 letters BRED
Good getting young ones to shine 7 letters GLITTER
Curb champ from time to time 3 letters CAP
Powerful pressure on a French chap of good standing? 7 letters PUNGENT
Animal with a sore throat by the sound of it 5 letters HORSE
Peaceful surroundings of Tahiti? 7 letters PACIFIC
Worker in Salvation Army who brings you presents? 5 letters SANTA
Street cop being beaten up is confidential 9 letters TOPSECRET
Ridiculously stern peer who introduces radio show? 9 letters PRESENTER
Creature on the Serengeti developing a growth 7 letters WARTHOG
Mountain most demanding in leader’s absence 7 letters EVEREST
Old-fashioned saw 5 letters DATED
Smiley face perhaps in demo jittery? 5 letters EMOJI
Danger briefly upset teacher 3 letters SIR

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