The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Finish getting runs in place for batsman 6 letters CREASE
Tart and custard isn’t desirable in courses — just starters 6 letters ACIDIC
Extensive notes showing how much policemen are indebted? 7 letters COPIOUS
Share out a fee for passage on the way back 5 letters ALLOT
Writing on the wall round gents 4 letters OMEN
Left gold for respected poet 8 letters LAUREATE
Theatre operative attaching end of arm to leg 9 letters STAGEHAND
Spot calcium used in cosmetic cream 8 letters LOCATION
A taxi passenger’s last to be dropped some way away 4 letters AFAR
What’s in creel? Very small fish 5 letters ELVER
Your setter has a completely confident step 7 letters MEASURE
Walk street and go from side to side 6 letters STROLL
Just book early for a change 6 letters BARELY
Safeguard two companies working 6 letters COCOON
Former print media say 7 letters EXPRESS
Son has sexy photograph 4 letters SHOT
Conservative shock with chap meeting leader 8 letters CHAIRMAN
Letter of thanks after getting shown the way up 5 letters DELTA
Crufts regularly allowed meat on the bone 6 letters CUTLET
Where Queen may entertain government or set up Order of Merit 9 letters STATEROOM
Ground patrols round a country 8 letters PASTORAL
Mostly disagree about us lacking concentration 7 letters DIFFUSE
What help one get a grip resolving perils 6 letters PLIERS
Queen carried in pretentiously refined vessel 6 letters ARTERY
Caught beyond fielding position 5 letters COVER
Give a long involved story 4 letters SAGA

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