The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword February 22 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword February 22 2021 Answers:

Old provincial governor finally senses an ambush 6 letters SATRAP
Mellow sound made by farm animal in south 6 letters SMOOTH
Disputed claim initially about balls bowled in test 13 letters
Alter the last word at end of screed 5 letters AMEND
Aussie native’s short word for male fowl 7 letters ROOSTER
Plot involving a legendary archer’s sidekick 9 letters SATELLITE
Levelling out late in the day 7 letters EVENING
Woman identified in ghastly diatribe 5 letters LYDIA
March exhibition 13 letters
Complete set of books kept in European republic 6 letters ENTIRE
Early settler finally relaxed and fished 6 letters ANGLED
Thus American spies left an informal gathering 6 letters SOCIAL
Broadcast game behold in US state 9 letters TENNESSEE
Gave vent to anger in commercial 5 letters AIRED
Italian physicist taking brandy on island 7 letters MARCONI
Sash originally bought in old India 3 letters OBI
Mountaineer forks out pounds for a term at Oxford 6 letters HILARY
Signaller’s device weighing practically nothing? 9 letters VERYLIGHT
Exercise machine reforming team drill 9 letters TREADMILL
Bar coated with the right solvent 7 letters THINNER
Stick one’s nose in hearing gong? 6 letters MEDDLE
Woman breaks record being the worse for wear 6 letters CANNED
Study Latin at first and make money 5 letters LEARN
Encountered leaders in Middle Eastern territory 3 letters MET

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