The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Frightened to cross river bearing evidence of wounds 7 letters SCARRED
Disposed of hut 4 letters SHED
Some regret naming a border town 6 letters GRETNA
Last couple returned in a short time for dance 6 letters MINUET
Useless pub about to contest closing for night 11 letters INCOMPETENT
Turn up two hours before noon with daughter 6 letters ATTEND
Boss I initially observed in part of TV Centre 6 letters STUDIO
Basic spreading of dirty manure 11 letters RUDIMENTARY
Purple strand 6 letters MAROON
Nick a lot of this the day before 6 letters THIEVE
Tools for accessing features on a piano 4 letters KEYS
Admit formerly being taken in by three characters in succession? 7 letters CONCEDE
Knight’s title is upheld with support of King 3 letters SIR
Piece in newspaper reviewed recital 7 letters ARTICLE
Actual opening of marine area 5 letters REALM
America’s ready to embrace new Society being stupid 7 letters DIMNESS
Observe taking in bridge team’s rational approach 5 letters SENSE
Give power to chosen railway if included 9 letters ELECTRIFY
A frenetic chaotic meeting 9 letters INTERFACE
Fiendish protest event not entirely pleasant 7 letters DEMONIC
Brewed ale in UK? That’s different 7 letters UNALIKE
Doctor heading off employer? Nonsense 5 letters DROSS
Impractical idea I dismissed 5 letters NOTON
Struggle? That’s life in France 3 letters VIE

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