The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Times Quick Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Last female deer succeeded initially in annual test 8 letters HINDMOST
Handled soft fabric 4 letters FELT
Jockey cleared the barrier finally 5 letters RIDER
A Greek character the first woman to win 7 letters ACHIEVE
Run on to hill 3 letters TOR
German-born composer frequently heard another composer 9 letters OFFENBACH
Plump freshwater fish in reserve 6 letters CHUBBY
Left personal documents in German aircraft 6 letters GLIDER
Island’s crime associated with crack or Ecstasy 9 letters SINGAPORE
Father’s dance step 3 letters PAS
Thin pastry split on the outside by uncultured learner 7 letters STRUDEL
Opening some port Nigel reflected 5 letters INTRO
Plan central parts of kids’ meal 4 letters IDEA
Abroad Pete’s acted as guide describing some churches 8 letters STEEPLED
Dissident woman’s quote retracted 7 letters HERETIC
Knight departs during broadcast’s lowest point 5 letters NADIR
Film actor refurbished moorland barn 12 letters
Rod’s son cheers very loudly 5 letters STAFF
Green alder decaying below upset me 7 letters EMERALD
Note the barking canines for example 5 letters TEETH
Body of policemen lean on pornographic business 12 letters THINBLUELINE
Disconcert jogger heading off vest half-exposed 7 letters UNNERVE
Suspect ponders answer 7 letters RESPOND
Mum in studio regularly selected Oriental food 5 letters SUSHI
Cockney’s cry of distress encountering alien young bird 5 letters OWLET
Person cherished a large flower section 5 letters PETAL

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