The Times Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Tiny little daughter fighting shark? 8 letters DWARFISH
Mount near Jerusalem to be found in Old Testament 6 letters OLIVET
Bob not half a scoundrel 3 letters CUR
Destroyer of trees and fruit initiated by a man 11 letters
Drug supplier peaceful type? Not if embracing hurt 10 letters PHARMACIST
Dublin money once used for gamble 4 letters PUNT
Young bird caught by good trap — finally flying into it 6 letters CYGNET
Poem about child who lived in biblical nation? 7 letters EDOMITE
Hoarding silver is bizarre? It’s a scandal 7 letters OUTRAGE
Issue of this writer securing little work after office’s closure 6 letters EMERGE
Quiet hours allowing you and me to tuck in 4 letters HUSH
Old instrument given new life — something worth having husband collected 10 letters BASSETHORN
One of the aspirations of the French inventor to make national symbol 11 letters LIBERTYBELL
Something maybe in freezer that is keeping cold 3 letters ICE
Track has one slipping left abandoned 6 letters SIDING
Food in shell is French load being imported 8 letters ESCARGOT
Bill in old accommodation set up again from the start 6 letters DACAPO
Gangster gets money as early as this 7 letters ALREADY
Broken-up female thinking about practical joke 10 letters FRAGMENTAL
Awfully shy PE teacher keeping quiet — encouragement needed to talk 13 letters
Parrot shows resplendence with head concealed 4 letters LORY
Physicist inventing tube is daring — no good missing out 7 letters VENTURI
Group of soldiers in army secures agreements 8 letters TREATIES
Vulgarity that may render everything bland 13 letters
Container with a lentil mistaken for another plant 10 letters POTENTILLA
The pools could disguise these awful pits 8 letters POTHOLES
Endlessly irritable educationist means to create experimental environment 7 letters TESTBED
Golf and aquatic sport becoming more popular? 7 letters GROWING
Trendy girl coming out student ultimately needing a loan? 6 letters INDEBT
Monarch at home in poetic isle 4 letters ERIN

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