The Times Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

African state’s brief ploy spiking articles 9 letters THEGAMBIA
Missile launcher putting to sea leaves capital 5 letters SLING
Spin dry fabric causing worry 7 letters PERTURB
Keenly observe what’s in orbit 7 letters EYEBALL
Prepare most of cereal order 5 letters DORIC
Controlled ray and bream sale at sea 9 letters LASERBEAM
Current agreement’s the last word 5 letters IDEAL
Part of joint held by Bill regularly paid off 9 letters AMORTISED
Record communist facing Italian calumny 9 letters DISCREDIT
Waste processor’s name set in concrete 5 letters RENAL
Rubbish English landowner ignoring Irish like Hyde? 9 letters GROTESQUE
Stone barrier adjoining rear of villa 5 letters AGATE
Make an entrance under it after a fashion 7 letters INTRUDE
Zulu found in a deep gorge initially staggering 7 letters AMAZING
Craft of university’s last rowing team in Berlin? 5 letters YACHT
Vital action in pool for typist’s depression? 9 letters KEYSTROKE
Apathetic leader of party in regime overthrown 5 letters TEPID
Impeccable European Republicans with various roles succeeded 9 letters ERRORLESS
Kind of bible used by a French cult abridged by Arabian 9 letters AVUNCULAR
Cook squabbled with EU bank for recycled food 15 letters
Off-putting remedy a kind the Gunners pity not having it 15 letters
Sybil absorbs temperature guide 5 letters STEER
Fancy scrapping up-to-date copy 5 letters IMAGE
Miss crossing familiar sea for first prize 9 letters GOLDMEDAL
Set off shortly in US races in shame 9 letters INDIGNITY
Expression on worker catching a good shrew 9 letters TERMAGANT
Enclave Romanians damaged 9 letters SANMARINO
Choose one conservative measure in bar 5 letters OPTIC
Become active in English sport joining gym 5 letters ERUPT
Explore a glen coming across one of its residents? 5 letters EAGLE

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