The Times Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword September 15 2021 Answers:

Cream drunk with coffee’s filling 8 letters OFFWHITE
Hope one’s somehow done with book — the novel I detest 8 letters NEOPHOBE
From puzzle Learner to Victor: congratulations! 8 letters MAZELTOV
Courts controversy ultimately displaying guts all round 8 letters INNYARDS
Engaged in campaigning as bail is set 10 letters ONTHESTUMP
Oil rings going around on the water? 4 letters OTTO
Ad hoc term for recent coalition government? Name to censure 7 letters CONDEMN
Target to raise before retiring 7 letters COCKSHY
African having quit ought to return at intervals 4 letters HUTU
Foreign ref upset one pointing to the spot? 10 letters FOREFINGER
Knock the beer back: easily one’s undoing? 8 letters SLIPKNOT
Couple quizzically raised one’s casually viewing broadcast 8 letters EYEBROWS
Physicist’s brief fussily interrupting archdeacon 8 letters VANALLEN
Disgrace to follow: put up with that 8 letters DOGHOUSE
Dance floor — let it be firm! 8 letters FLAMENCO
Base centre for ironworks was heaving 8 letters WRETCHED
Keen on local couple getting a hearing 4 letters INTO
Six slices no use having turned green? 7 letters ENVIOUS
What a jury looks for out of hearing? 10 letters SOUNDPROOF
Authors with another set of neat procedures? 8 letters COWRITES
Catches heartless politician’s alternative take on past 8 letters HERSTORY
Matches used when building is in flames? 10 letters SEMIFINALS
Holding it together after upset is what fellow’s about 8 letters COHESIVE
Seed — not a bean from France — that’s primary source of sustenance 8 letters NUTRIENT
Cockney’s shed tears to stun old bounder 8 letters KANGAROO
Parties of Americans do extensive gardening job in SE England? 8 letters HOEDOWNS
Where you’ll find LA: North Dakota? Not true! 7 letters PRETEND
Some work by British composer 4 letters BERG

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