The Times Cryptic Crossword October 30 2020 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword October 30 2020 Answers:

Tips from writer with daughter in America 6 letters UPENDS
Say nothing about preference for nagging 8 letters SHREWISH
Weakness that’s not hard to see 8 letters SOFTSPOT
Being out of place in harbour finally sailor returned 6 letters STUPOR
Transport add-on one given to appropriate vehicles? 8 letters JOYRIDER
Reverses and runs down 6 letters KNOCKS
Aussie skipper adding a run to total in chase 8 letters WALLAROO
She had pop award reduced 4 letters GRAN
Boy back in detention at school 4 letters STAN
Hiding maybe in service area 8 letters MASSACRE
Moon mostly keeps spinning around in space 6 letters LACUNA
Dispatching letters from UN a minor foreign correspondent? 8 letters OURMANIN
Lose track of exceptionally fine port 6 letters VENICE
Revelation in tweet set back husband — and then some! 8 letters EPIPHANY
Austrian count’s last letter dark yet animated 8 letters RADETZKY
Boring article on golf they’ve permitted me 6 letters GIMLET
One supplying plug for engine you can pick up? 8 letters PROMOTER
Rubbish won’t burn in the shade 8 letters NUTBROWN
Raised a large cover over father’s tree 9 letters SAPODILLA
Earmark hypermarket perhaps to give huge value 15 letters SETGREATSTOREBY
Use a lot of each colour filling in box 7 letters EATINTO
Home compact in size for the richer 8 letters INPOCKET
Chap managed to collect medal for serving livestock owner 8 letters HERDSMAN
Fido at last caught dog collar is going on 9 letters OCCURRING
Person who offers to hold case for cockney traveller 8 letters GULLIVER
Maybe tick playing card in a hand initially 8 letters ARACHNID
Outside right cunningly apes the fellow top wingers 8 letters SERAPHIM
Union spent to bring in a civil engineer 8 letters ALLIANCE
Peel the source of this pus? 7 letters MANXCAT

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