The Times Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Bobby keeps preparing a way for Jack say 11 letters PLAYINGCARD
Discharge a member of church 3 letters ARC
Idle line stops working 9 letters POINTLESS
Current mariners preserving old piece of mast 5 letters ACORN
Discerning diner in assessing our methods 7 letters GOURMET
Pity about cutting new individual transmitter 7 letters NEURONE
Democrat spotted backing housing requirements 5 letters NEEDS
Perhaps dish first artist taking risks 9 letters AERIALIST
Woman’s returning to add belts and collar 9 letters APPREHEND
Release old boy from bawdy part of act 5 letters SCENE
Pray here for a Conservative female abandoned 7 letters ORATORY
What lovers may do in county hotel to some extent 7 letters COHABIT
More hostile French company welcomed by Irish 5 letters ICIER
Clubs in the past inspiring present consistency 9 letters COHERENCE
Drive here and there regularly 3 letters TEE
Later old pro distributed crude earnings 11 letters
Just beat seed 3 letters PIP
A little over half of audience riotously cheers 5 letters ADIEU
Land bridge exists as shown covering miles 7 letters ISTHMUS
Big entry at Crufts perhaps wrecking tea garden 9 letters GREATDANE
Minister quietly denied crime 5 letters ARSON
Count upsetting a large posh club maybe 7 letters DRACULA
Acknowledge wrong record in a balance 9 letters APOLOGISE
Subject intended to dispel a sense of satisfaction 11 letters
Tree expert’s data on each trunk is on time 11 letters GENEALOGIST
English politician holds one small pill for stress 9 letters EMPHASISE
Receiver takes possession of shabby chic plant 9 letters RADICCHIO
European collected rent as personal booster 7 letters EGOTRIP
Broadcast avoids last of Soho’s lively bars 7 letters SCHERZO
Berlin’s rowers potentially follow unknown craft 5 letters YACHT
Embargo placed on almost entire stock 5 letters BANAL
Every so often repair organ 3 letters EAR

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