The Times Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Raved after traveller returned bearing bouquet 8 letters PERFUMED
First course almost 60 per cent of lunch — dig in! 8 letters ENTRENCH
As some might say: despicable local fiddle 6 letters VIOLIN
With rampaging lion about maiden’s in perilous position 10 letters OUTONALIMB
Affliction I found aboard vessel 4 letters PAIN
How demand changes by end of season for used kit 10 letters
Failed to meet old love after street party 7 letters STOODUP
Pleas person expresses on catching fish 7 letters PRAYERS
Society leaders refuse to penetrate heart of legation 10 letters GLITTERATI
Fine avoided by prosperous drunkard 4 letters LUSH
Retiring commie director heading off to get pasta 10 letters TORTELLINI
Foreign bread from Quebec popular with sailor 6 letters QINTAR
Informer picked up illegal bit of tack 8 letters NOSEBAND
Eccentric president managed to divide Right 8 letters ABERRANT
Arab ruler retaining good worker one about to leave? 8 letters EMIGRANT
Line up like soldiers with foot problem quarrelling 10 letters FALLINGOUT
Dictator’s way to put up country seat 10 letters MANORHOUSE
Journalist raised small (very small) fortune 7 letters DESTINY
Bludgeon zealots in revolution 4 letters STUN
Dye-producing plant doing badly I admitted 6 letters INDIGO
Rising complaint from new leader of distinction in ancient city 8 letters THEBENDS
Island in France that’s south of Bird Island 10 letters MARTINIQUE
Teetotal Tyneside dons exonerate high street trader 10 letters DRYCLEANER
Discerning head of trade should stop moaning 8 letters SIGHTING
Limit relaxation taking shower? 8 letters RESTRAIN
Lady still unclothed grabbed by first male turning up 7 letters MATILDA
Flood ruins exotic hotel 6 letters INRUSH
Lie back on odd occasions finding unexpected release 4 letters LEAK

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