The Times Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword October 13 2021 Answers:

Box holds Great British key 8 letters SPACEBAR
Nobleman missing river’s underground movement 6 letters MAQUIS
Where to find tea plant 3 letters POT
PM no longer bluff brooding antihero 10 letters HEATHCLIFF
American can lie low about to protect Republican 8 letters RESTROOM
A centre back eats divine sage 6 letters BUDDHA
Drink cold Guinness? 4 letters ALEC
Gallivanting abroad I must get time with my work 10 letters JETSETTING
Shakespearean prince wearing underwear in castles 10 letters FORTINBRAS
Dance in drag delaying end of rumba 4 letters HULA
Trendy not quite trendy or affectedly trendy 6 letters CHICHI
Jar with crow’s foot in jelly 8 letters VASELINE
Waiting on sauce for empty waffle 10 letters LIPSERVICE
Characters detained in Slovakian cells 3 letters OVA
How week begins with caviar for the president 6 letters MONROE
Arab in later years reversed narcissism 8 letters EGOMANIA
One’s skinny drink comes with wafer I arranged 9 letters SUPERWAIF
Performer one who may draw applause at the end 7 letters ARTISTE
Flame once right to stop boiling egg on 6 letters EXHORT
Even bits of Martha’s elbow beaten black and blue 9 letters ATALOWEBB
Dark vehicle borne by horse 7 letters MACABRE
Put money on scrap a fabulous contest 9 letters QUIDDITCH
Lives I see in cooler Iranian city 7 letters ISFAHAN
Move friskily in a top with more attractive outside 9 letters CUTACAPER
On the drink as a finger is drunk 9 letters SEAFARING
Return of a feeble boat touring a Pacific country 9 letters GUATEMALA
Turned to source of celebrity gossip for tragic tale 7 letters OTHELLO
Capital in recycling event being green 7 letters NAIVETE
Place to study cause of limping in fantastic beast 7 letters UNICORN
One out of boredom penning English song 6 letters TEDEUM

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