The Times Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Line of troops in action 6 letters CREASE
Raids sit uneasily for those like Ann Frank 8 letters DIARISTS
Shelves that you might put in wardrobe 9 letters MOTHBALLS
A believer in hi-tech industry 5 letters HINDU
Blooming British abandoning fight 3 letters OUT
Complexity of speech on European research facility 11 letters ELABORATION
Monstrous female noted Liverpudlian you say? 6 letters SCYLLA
On leave this writer’s becoming unruly 7 letters RESTIVE
Figure Penny has fake army ID 7 letters PYRAMID
Improvement that will take you to next level? 6 letters UPLIFT
Time to meet composer a nice chap who’ll get your tickets 11 letters TRAVELAGENT
Proust only occasionally finding time for sexual activity 3 letters RUT
Old folk freeze at home in retirement 5 letters ICENI
Old man given £1000 twice a year 9 letters GRANDPAPA
Tsar’s egg addled leading to complaint 8 letters STAGGERS
Quite mean to eclipse Republican 6 letters PRETTY
An attempt at seduction? I don’t believe you! 6 letters COMEON
Hurry back seizing government vehicle 9 letters ESTATECAR
Gloomy bishop opening church bazaar? 5 letters SABLE
You’ll end up suffering as undertaker might put it? 14 letters
Tries to interrupt football team’s practice 9 letters REHEARSAL
A function I must host in desert 5 letters SINAI
Splurge when in Paris at end of June visiting sister 8 letters SQUANDER
Rent dockland garage in secret 14 letters
Sleeping topless can be awkward 9 letters LUMBERING
Singer doing well joining Queen perhaps 9 letters INFORMANT
Second USA trip fresh in the mind 8 letters UPSTAIRS
Take care sweetheart 6 letters STEADY
Article Time’s written about the O2? 5 letters ARENA
Perhaps Elizabeth I’s governess having change of heart 5 letters TUDOR

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