The Times Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword June 11 2021 Answers:

Trainee giving nitrogen to plant 6 letters INTERN
Risqué nature of playwright’s succeeded 8 letters RACINESS
Denial duke takes House of Lords allowances perhaps 10 letters DISCLAIMER
Atom bombs? Ring for security 4 letters MOAT
Vacant Berkshire farmland is unlikely to be rejected 8 letters BEARABLE
River in India certainly 6 letters INDEED
Punt ace not the brightest 4 letters BETA
Break’s very warm — a record at the moment 8 letters SNAPSHOT
Volume of Poe needs a note for scholarly readers 8 letters LITERATI
Host is very foolish wasting billions 4 letters ARMY
Country taking power from an older one 6 letters RUSSIA
Semester say in which one may get to train 8 letters TERMINUS
Cheese of fine character 4 letters FETA
Scribbler’s tattoos don’t fade away? 10 letters INKSLINGER
A serving girl over in hotel one carrying tea? 8 letters INDIAMAN
Island dividing traffic gets railing 6 letters TIRADE
Disturbing sounds perhaps not at all lacking in watts 5 letters NOISE
Former partner with company one brought in to evaluate and criticise 9 letters EXCORIATE
Close Scottish bank set up in US financial centre 6 letters NEARBY
Dwarf with odd skin mostly raises family 15 letters
Red woollen jacket new key line 8 letters CARDINAL
Not one check over migrant 5 letters NOMAD
Where the Queen entertains most are to run round 9 letters STATEROOM
Gourmet’s colossal waste ending in bin 9 letters EPICUREAN
Supplier of paper one artist ordered 9 letters STATIONER
Metal vehicle carrying goods for street at one end of sports ground 8 letters VANADIUM
Thrash metal involving right band 6 letters ARMLET
Trod water perhaps with one teacher 5 letters SWAMI
Overturn university marker over delta 5 letters UPEND

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