The Times Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword July 28 2021 Answers:

One who’s cunning by filling seats from the back 8 letters SLYBOOTS
Upset with vegetables I had rejected 6 letters DISMAY
Jaws of whale possibly catching swimmer back in seaside town 13 letters
Sweet easily chewed? 6 letters TENDER
More than one intended to invest new money 8 letters FINANCES
Ten labouring on a chain — harsh 10 letters ASTRINGENT
Oddly the Welsh river in England 4 letters TEES
Fancy woman seen with that bloke 4 letters WHIM
Biscuit type and bloomer to the left? 10 letters BRANDYSNAP
Gaudy stock stuffed in pocket 8 letters TINSELLY
Day coats unfashionable in dyed sheepskin 6 letters MOUTON
Teen chose wrong oven dish 13 letters
Fireman back shortly fine to go in 6 letters STOKER
Old philosopher stops gathering old information 8 letters DIOGENES
Pickled like worms say? 7 letters LEGLESS
The necessary goodness in stuffing ingredient 11 letters
Heading off rat aquatic animal 5 letters OTTER
Pixie lover’s sent up a bit 7 letters SNAFFLE
After vandalising Monet dad and I ran! 9 letters DOMINATED
Individual cut minimal amount of money 3 letters SOU
Competitor in lather out of bounds having caught obstacle 7 letters ATHLETE
Nothing in season Augusta having exported American plays 11 letters
Device administering drug when mountain climbing rule is broken 9 letters NEBULISER
Bob say helmeted Irish copper? 7 letters HAIRCUT
Free choice at junction regardless 7 letters ANYROAD
Column penned by perhaps bitter advocate 7 letters APOSTLE
Head for Munich German saying 5 letters MOTTO
Time to dispense with leader — oh no! 3 letters EEK

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