The Times Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword July 27 2021 Answers:

Terrible tirade overwhelms me not wanting a black mark 7 letters DEMERIT
Cut wood goes to fires ultimately 5 letters STEAK
Admired people I only half think about 5 letters ICONS
Mum is one old bird full of energy joining rave 9 letters DEODORANT
Chimney pillar with less attractive shape? 7 letters LUMPIER
Grass and tree is dividing two hotels 7 letters HASHISH
Vessel provided by club carrying granny with neckwear 10 letters BANANABOAT
Punter not abstaining may get it 4 letters BEER
The latest thing in our generation? 4 letters RAGE
Promoting a series of operatic works beginning with endless violence 10 letters FURTHERING
Sun a strange blue? Such may be a puzzle! 7 letters SOLUBLE
Able regularly to get our paper early 7 letters BETIMES
Colour above country 9 letters OVERSTATE
Painful look given by wife in church 5 letters WINCE
Character of one who may sing in choir 5 letters TENOR
One of several flowers surrounding chap’s about to burst open 7 letters DEHISCE
Romeo stands in ruin — an occupier of position by entrance 7 letters DOORMAN
Girl is holding on in attempts to win converts 8 letters MISSIONS
Additional qualification for sportsperson 5 letters RIDER
Nothing all right with dreadful threat around? Cheered up 9 letters TOOKHEART
Partner that is drunkard imbibing quietly 6 letters SPOUSE
Test needs article to be lowered into old pit 7 letters EXAMINE
Outline plan hasn’t succeeded — it floats away? 5 letters KETCH
I must be seen in factory watering-hole — there’s a bit of pressure 8 letters MILLIBAR
Way bad lover is out to trap you texting? 9 letters BOULEVARD
Diary penned by Pooter e.g. is terrific 8 letters REGISTER
Semiaquatic creature has to appear in fresh communities 8 letters NEWTOWNS
First sight of enemy in some water perhaps in this? 7 letters GALLEON
Huge island eastern occupied by a thousand soldiers 7 letters IMMENSE
A form of address to a fellow lacks hint of thoughtfulness — one is offensive 6 letters ABUSER
Runner in race 5 letters SHOOT
Insect starts to climb high tree 5 letters BEECH

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