The Times Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Tours regularly around Naples originally coming from Florence? 6 letters TUSCAN
One on a dash nothing to prevent covering over a mile 8 letters ODOMETER
Publicise year upon year entertainment of a delicate nature 9 letters AIRYFAIRY
Ring America after the peak 5 letters TORUS
Bird made of silver unwanted at first in auction 7 letters SEAGULL
Part of body shape swollen by organ 7 letters FOREARM
Risk a car crash when two metals collide? 5 letters CUTIN
Against coins not using English metal? Sort of 8 letters ANTIMONY
Mercenary ruing he’d fired 8 letters HIREDGUN
Cold store for wine with a hidden compartment 5 letters CABIN
Complain pathetically about idiot revelry 7 letters WASSAIL
Stomach feeble returning musical phrase 7 letters MIDRIFF
In American city possesses capital 5 letters LHASA
Hotels cover the earth profusely 9 letters INNUMBERS
Say a call in court is rejected by union instruction 8 letters TUTELAGE
Team of lawyers in literary county 6 letters BARSET
Carry out a couple of poles to plant in piece of land 8 letters TRANSACT
Maid watchful when old bachelor goes missing 7 letters SERVANT
Prosperity supplies a barrier to restrict disease 9 letters AFFLUENCE
People following rich individual coming in today moving fast 14 letters DAYOFATONEMENT
Engine’s temperature fell all round 5 letters MOTOR
Ground where reptile doesn’t keep quiet 7 letters TERRAIN
Employer turned up yours truly’s CV 6 letters RESUME
Author prepared to admit claim to be of high standard? 14 letters WILLIAMGOLDING
Solid surface one on a nut 9 letters MACADAMIA
Sport’s over: fits horribly and dies 8 letters SNUFFSIT
Isn’t an awfully short time? It is 7 letters INSTANT
One line crossed by old farmers tough old birds 7 letters BOILERS
Fabric cut: it is seen in a soft glow 6 letters TWILIT
A niqab is said to be useful 5 letters AVAIL

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