The Times Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Norwegian sprat is eaten by British fish 8 letters BRISLING
Polish saint without pretensions 6 letters HONEST
Cabinet minister drives payroll reforms 13 letters
In court compassion is resistant to persuasion 6 letters UPPITY
Devotee into pop art is a numpty 8 letters PARTISAN
Former policemen surrounding two badly fortified houses 10 letters PEELTOWERS
Row about Italian revolutionary 4 letters TIER
Elegant young fowl losing kilo 4 letters CHIC
In Hull City’s old stadium 10 letters HIPPODROME
Parishioners learning about silly nonsense 8 letters FOLDEROL
Tragic king stops by dull with sleep 6 letters BLEARY
Many parents shedding tears after rodent caught in town 13 letters
Banks of Stockholm issued gentle hint 6 letters SMIDGE
Moderate party committee backing secret meeting we hear 8 letters CENTRIST
Deterioration of one falling out of tree upside down 7 letters RELAPSE
Uptight doctor cried at last 11 letters STRAITLACED
Suggest just heading off 5 letters IMPLY
Spy walks unevenly into empty garage 7 letters GLIMPSE
As if by magic the osprey flies 9 letters HEYPRESTO
Originally called nieces on a regular basis 3 letters NEE
Rescue large wild bears 7 letters SALVAGE
One between parties in awfully nice resorts 11 letters INTERCESSOR
Over time female learned differently 9 letters OTHERWISE
Tough glum face hidden under American’s bonnet 7 letters HOODLUM
Northerly wind captured in photo of the open sea 7 letters PELAGIC
People of refinement ultimately constrained by principles 7 letters MORTALS
Forehead and top of nose burnt by the sun 5 letters BROWN
Take pressure off hired help 3 letters AID

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