The Times Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword August 3 2021 Answers:

Head off man on board getting better drink 8 letters NIGHTCAP
Oedipus’s daughter’s extraordinary negation 8 letters ANTIGONE
Marine animal’s unpleasant smell pervading most of ocean 6 letters SPONGE
Wicked leader in Orient with big house in America 10 letters VILLAINOUS
Key film a blockbuster 4 letters EPIC
Recce Anne’s organised becoming active again 10 letters RENASCENCE
Part of circle backing opera in a pastoral paradise 7 letters ARCADIA
Melancholy puppet embracing female in Brussels? 7 letters DOLEFUL
Lefty’s disapproving exclamation in 24 is in German 10 letters TROTSKYIST
Fare well in a word thanks to volunteers 4 letters TATA
I’m in West Lothian tho’ willing to move 10 letters LINLITHGOW
Shut up and employ Charlie for good! 6 letters ENCAGE
Figure in bible story briefly touring old area 8 letters PARABOLA
Ethical principles kindled in former Scottish county 8 letters MORALITY
Inapt declaration of rugby player meeting Queen 8 letters IMPROPER
Skill in making convenient-sounding vessel 10 letters HANDICRAFT
Smart aleck caught by detective casing bar 10 letters CLEVERDICK
Parking row involving a university woman 7 letters PAULINE
Way to get over a roofed colonnade 4 letters STOA
Warehouse party requiring formal dress to be worn 6 letters GODOWN
Reportedly observe explosive device something found on beach 8 letters SEASHELL
Casual clothing left in vessel on river 10 letters SPORTSWEAR
Cite caller misguidedly using current 10 letters ELECTRICAL
Animal inverted stake restrained by another 8 letters ANTELOPE
Ignorant peacekeepers tense when talking 8 letters UNTAUGHT
Help put up lightweight sketch 7 letters DIAGRAM
Hiding in corner youngster stubborn 6 letters ORNERY
Play securing run in ancient city 4 letters TROY

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