The Times Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Green snubs Conservative following papers based on beliefs 11 letters IDEOLOGICAL
Brief information about where to find pulse 3 letters POD
Hot food and medical gear taken in for each working unit 9 letters PEPPERONI
Some suitably rich lines 5 letters LYRIC
Mount set doing without ring 7 letters GELDING
Page one article about clothing? I ask you! 7 letters PRITHEE
Old relative sheds pounds? A lot less than that 5 letters OUNCE
A sign Alec’s tinkered with opiate maybe 9 letters ANALGESIC
As eg badgers do around corner at least initially 9 letters NOCTURNAL
Expert opens a new version of Pinafore 5 letters APRON
Polish force that is defending point 7 letters FINESSE
New York city’s cheese supplier 7 letters BUFFALO
Met perhaps Oscar a traveller heading west 5 letters OPERA
Bishop’s in helping disheartened lady nonstop 9 letters ABIDINGLY
Pity husband’s deserted stag party? 3 letters RUT
What aging philosopher did possibly showing no consideration? 11 letters
Monkey or ape scratching companion 3 letters IMP
Discharge erstwhile gym class learner 5 letters EXPEL
Raised fish I had netted in Home Counties sheltered area 7 letters LEESIDE
Tough material in gas ring or stove 9 letters GROSGRAIN
Tweet approach shot crossing third in Turnberry 5 letters CHIRP
Jaunty officer one spearing fish 7 letters LILTING
Cleaner drinks tea with second customer 9 letters PURCHASER
Poulenc’s last score ended dramatically — thus? 11 letters
Look into reason for place to get a lift? 11 letters
Plea’s outcome possibly a foregone conclusion 9 letters NOCONTEST
Left one in big band somehow playing without notes 9 letters ADLIBBING
Arrogant type stumped in superior role 7 letters UPSTART
Trouble a couple of females soundly defeated 7 letters AFFLICT
Time to muse 5 letters ERATO
A bird of prey almost picked up fish food? 5 letters ALGAE
Trees lose weight that’s true 3 letters YES

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