The Times Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

What shows one’s composed and performed for new documentation following? 9 letters SANGFROID
Brief moment absorbing work matter 5 letters TOPIC
Cheap booze from pub enthralling first of alcoholics 7 letters BARGAIN
Wise figure showing a lot of courage in the end retreating 7 letters MINERVA
What’s needed for walking dog in meadow: quiet 5 letters LEASH
Doctors in sum given to single marker of death 9 letters TOMBSTONE
Bridge that’s not finished well 3 letters SPA
Wine quantity not uniform? Bad business 11 letters AMONTILLADO
Proceed to accept unhappy end? 11 letters
Element of bondage session male eschewed 3 letters TIE
Support car marque as an original design 9 letters ARCHETYPE
Chief is behind gathering wood 5 letters BEECH
Back to chop tree clearing area for instance 7 letters EXAMPLE
Indian city featured in obscure plan 7 letters DIAGRAM
Gaudy description of nails? 5 letters TACKY
Clumsy: presumably good for hitches ? 9 letters ALLTHUMBS
Forecaster is upset over Times letters initially 5 letters SIBYL
Blessed state of vehicle caught in squally rain 7 letters NIRVANA
Loud thing cat may do? Here’s a reminder 9 letters FLASHBACK
Subjects observed in this may be swift to grouse? 11 letters
Mother cracked up 3 letters DAM
Regulates day in November? On the contrary 5 letters TUNES
Chopped up half of garden pole to make frame for plants 7 letters PERGOLA
Tea for each individual companion 9 letters CHAPERONE
Hollywood star who could move into elite domain 11 letters MATINEEIDOL
Ecstatic about ace stuff in ceremony 9 letters SACRAMENT
Pine? 22 picked up in Californian city 9 letters LONGBEACH
Shrewd account about one of old 7 letters ARCHAIC
Ran miles to embrace that chap? That’s the idea 7 letters THEOREM
Pointless trial attorney has abandoned before end of day 5 letters EMPTY
Organic material from our group supporting the sound of activity 5 letters HUMUS
Time zone reduced after upset 3 letters ERA

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