The Times Cryptic Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword April 7 2021 Answers:

Like Urdu musical that’s turned round mood 10 letters INDICATIVE
Love to form a bond that’s outstanding 4 letters OWED
Maybe charge writer in old case of sacrilege 7 letters EXPENSE
The French state’s Eurosceptics 7 letters LEAVERS
Killer’s aim with direct shot 9 letters MATRICIDE
Making a comeback lives on energy drink 5 letters PEPSI
Picked out cape and stockings 5 letters CHOSE
Feeling life say or time is overwhelming one 9 letters SENTIENCE
Must those who don’t know the score do so? 9 letters SIGHTREAD
Faithless fellow’s missing at job 5 letters HEIST
Sign in book store missing line 5 letters LIBRA
Popular artist in funky blues allowing cover 9 letters INSURABLE
He composed line in exam papers the wrong way 7 letters VIVALDI
They soothe a temperature tucking into round pastries 7 letters OPIATES
Inspired Dante pens literary collection 4 letters EDDA
School now then this? A learner’s acting alone 10 letters UNILATERAL
The setter shows contentment in supporting structure 5 letters IBEAM
A pair of characters in lower hot pants 9 letters DIPHTHONG
Convinced India and China in secret 14 letters
Where diggers work with spades — it’s awful 7 letters THEPITS
Peasant’s home south of foreign town 7 letters VILLEIN
Drop litter with domestic servant 5 letters WHELP
Involved in non-conformism I would … be this? 9 letters DISSIDENT
Player of instruments interpreted disco hit right? 14 letters
Corrected vice with least resigned phrase 9 letters CESTLAVIE
What may be tense in Linear B — it’s translated 9 letters NAILBITER
Inciting rebellion no small issue 7 letters EDITION
Oddly dress Penny with possibly crude sack 7 letters DESPOIL
Some stock book by Latin poet 5 letters BOVID
Stand or move gently left 5 letters EASEL

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