The Times Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Times Cryptic Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Disappointed expression of Finn perhaps aboard vessel 6 letters SHUCKS
Brother turning up with companion grabbed by murderous twin 8 letters CAPUCHIN
Shetland island qualified as rocky 8 letters UNSTABLE
Filter problem 6 letters RIDDLE
Doctor on leave gets dope from Australia 6 letters DRONGO
A talk hosted by leader in sport 8 letters KAYAKING
When embarrassment becomes evident initially? 12 letters
Unsubtle alternative to the key ingredient in fried fish in metric weight 12 letters
Blooming Conservative in clear 8 letters OUTRIGHT
Relative value not nice odd bits thrown away 6 letters AUNTIE
Candlemas to Lent not entirely hot 6 letters STOLEN
Tailored fragments for pagan 8 letters IDOLATER
Something to deal with in hospital delivery 8 letters LEGBREAK
Strain loading contents of short chest 6 letters THORAX
Eager to get area in country evacuated 6 letters HUNGRY
Cargo ship carrying quality plant 11 letters
Lend setter for example audio equipment 9 letters SUBWOOFER
Examiner with case of coursework entering lift 7 letters CHECKER
Component with unknown function 5 letters PARTY
Mock swimmer 3 letters COD
Endless exercising beneath one — what’s the alternative? 8 letters IDLENESS
I hand over beer in metric weight for African challenger? 11 letters KILIMANJARO
Two spells of illness between which a complete shift 9 letters TURNABOUT
Stick a short gun in more efficiently when sawn-off 8 letters BAGUETTE
To split hairs can upset something ground-breaking 7 letters NITPICK
More than one wood ending in gunwale carried by 15th-century ship 6 letters PINETA
Spirit in bottle in Egypt arising 5 letters GENIE
Pitch black: zero light initially when getting up 3 letters LOB

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