The Times Concise Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Too keen to get on 13 letters
Evergreen conifer 7 letters CYPRESS
Command 5 letters ORDER
Cow’s call 3 letters MOO
Of wide scope; too general 8 letters SWEEPING
Paying attention to 6 letters NOTING
Himalayan native 6 letters SHERPA
Size of paper 8 letters FOOLSCAP
Cleaning implement 3 letters MOP
Replace or restore 5 letters RENEW
Proper behaviour 7 letters DECENCY
One doing less well than expected 13 letters
Approaching 8 letters ONCOMING
Unfairly make use of 7 letters EXPLOIT
Hail 3 letters AVE
Measure of capacity 6 letters BUSHEL
Military transport vessel 9 letters TROOPSHIP
Of a former age 5 letters OLDEN
Lively nimble 4 letters SPRY
Tall plant 9 letters SUNFLOWER
Contributor to government funding 8 letters TAXPAYER
Russian royal dynasty 7 letters ROMANOV
Sharp-tasting 6 letters ACIDIC
Possessed 5 letters OWNED
Married German woman 4 letters FRAU
Greek letter 3 letters CHI

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