The Times Concise Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Form of industrial action 10 letters WORKTORULE
Like a pig; beastly 7 letters SWINISH
Master of ceremonies 5 letters EMCEE
Female sheep 4 letters EWES
Star cluster in Taurus 8 letters PLEIADES
Arouse 6 letters AWAKEN
Official order 6 letters DECREE
Place of residence 8 letters DWELLING
Frozen over 4 letters ICED
Large jugs 5 letters EWERS
Artist’s workshop 7 letters ATELIER
Conventionalised image 10 letters STEREOTYPE
Waiting in readiness 5 letters ONICE
(Of broken bone) become joined 4 letters KNIT
In abeyance 6 letters ONHOLD
Not ready for publication 8 letters UNEDITED
Encipherer 7 letters ENCODER
TV bulletin presenter 10 letters NEWSREADER
Departs quickly 10 letters SKEDADDLES
Having lost social standing 8 letters DECLASSE
Lasting forever 7 letters AGELESS
Anxiety 6 letters UNEASE
Firm dry brittle 5 letters CRISP
Joke 4 letters JEST

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