The Times Concise Crossword October 5 2022 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword October 5 2022 Answers:

Inspection of accounts 5 letters AUDIT
Least difficult 7 letters EASIEST
Practical realistic 9 letters PRAGMATIC
Large tree 3 letters OAK
Ernie — golfer 3 letters ELS
One hundredth of a lira 9 letters CENTESIMO
Deprive of strength 5 letters DRAIN
Berkshire racecourse 5 letters ASCOT
Legally required 9 letters STATUTORY
Bird of prey 3 letters OWL
Very large 3 letters BIG
Instinctive knowledge 9 letters INTUITION
Nine-sided figure 7 letters NONAGON
Edgar — French impressionist 5 letters DEGAS
Fruit 5 letters APPLE
Water between Israel and Jordan 7 letters DEADSEA
Taking too long to do 13 letters
Taking a meal 6 letters EATING
African bird of prey 13 letters
Intestinal bacterium 5 letters ECOLI
Remove; destroy 7 letters TAKEOUT
Waste receptacle 7 letters DUSTBIN
Preparing food 7 letters COOKING
Suffering from decay 6 letters ROTTEN
Inert gas 5 letters ARGON
Golf course 5 letters LINKS

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