The Times Concise Crossword October 22 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword October 22 2021 Answers:

Shame at failure 7 letters CHAGRIN
Great annoyance 5 letters ANGER
Sliding back into bad ways 9 letters RELAPSING
Hostelry 3 letters INN
Historical period 5 letters EPOCH
Large building 7 letters EDIFICE
Affair matter 7 letters SHEBANG
Group of species 5 letters GENUS
Slippery fish 3 letters EEL
Easily annoyed 9 letters IRRITABLE
Edible fish 5 letters TROUT
Using few words 7 letters LACONIC
Build up with time 6 letters ACCRUE
Roald — author 4 letters DAHL
Small plant with blue flowers 13 letters
Stir up (trouble) 6 letters INCITE
Mocked individual 13 letters
Start of combustion 8 letters IGNITION
Caper dance along 6 letters PRANCE
Fail to see 8 letters OVERLOOK
Afternoon nap 6 letters SIESTA
Use eg mouthwash 6 letters GARGLE
Rough drawing 6 letters SKETCH
Sleeping berth 4 letters BUNK

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