The Times Concise Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Drink; assimilate 6 letters IMBIBE
(Of coins) produced 6 letters MINTED
Fruit 7 letters AVOCADO
Red-berried tree 5 letters ROWAN
Sailing vessel 5 letters YACHT
— Lawson TV cook 7 letters NIGELLA
Fish; beam 3 letters RAY
Of the country 5 letters RURAL
Type 3 letters ILK
Nobleman 7 letters MARQUIS
Origins 5 letters ROOTS
Saltpetre 5 letters NITRE
Noble’s rank or lands 7 letters DUKEDOM
Introduce air into 6 letters AERATE
Jagged mountain range 6 letters SIERRA
European country 5 letters ITALY
Patchily discoloured 7 letters BLOTCHY
Undergarment 3 letters BRA
Uneven; disorderly 9 letters IRREGULAR
Drying cloth 5 letters TOWEL
European country 7 letters DENMARK
Land away from towns 11 letters COUNTRYSIDE
Not calm or stable 9 letters TURBULENT
European country 7 letters ROMANIA
Appropriate 7 letters INORDER
Revolving aerofoil 5 letters ROTOR
Polynesian country 5 letters SAMOA
Japanese carp 3 letters KOI

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