The Times Concise Crossword May 6 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword May 6 2021 Answers:

Central part 6 letters MIDDLE
Resolve 6 letters SETTLE
Small scented bunch of flowers 7 letters NOSEGAY
Hold tightly (to) 5 letters CLING
Light entertainment 5 letters REVUE
Nom de plume 7 letters PENNAME
Not high; moo 3 letters LOW
Provide food for event 5 letters CATER
No longer young 3 letters OLD
Give rise to; inhale 7 letters INSPIRE
Secret political clique 5 letters CABAL
Striped creature 5 letters ZEBRA
Driving force 7 letters IMPETUS
European language 6 letters GERMAN
Orchestrates 6 letters SCORES
Of little importance 5 letters MINOR
Deny support for 7 letters DISAVOW
Fall behind 3 letters LAG
Unconventional odd 9 letters ECCENTRIC
Northern forest 5 letters TAIGA
Intellectual 7 letters EGGHEAD
Compassionate 11 letters SYMPATHETIC
Filled tortilla 9 letters ENCHILADA
German city 7 letters LEIPZIG
Space vehicle 7 letters ORBITER
Serious; not drunk 5 letters SOBER
Catalogues 5 letters LISTS
Photo; film 3 letters PIC

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