The Times Concise Crossword May 10 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword May 10 2021 Answers:

Fruit 4 letters PLUM
South American mammal related to raccoons 8 letters KINKAJOU
Driving out of spirits 8 letters EXORCISM
Precipitation 4 letters RAIN
Veracity 5 letters TRUTH
Framework for plants 7 letters TRELLIS
Vent; shop 6 letters OUTLET
Wading bird 6 letters CURLEW
Resonant 7 letters RINGING
Repulsively obsequious 5 letters SLIMY
Firmly ram down 4 letters TAMP
Not working 8 letters INACTIVE
Gaseous element 8 letters HYDROGEN
Legal document 4 letters DEED
Egyptian city 5 letters LUXOR
Relating to marriage 7 letters MARITAL
Make stitches; join 4 letters KNIT
Ability with numbers 8 letters NUMERACY
Month 5 letters APRIL
Opening 7 letters ORIFICE
Number 3 letters TWO
Extremely impressive 8 letters STUNNING
Single 7 letters UNITARY
Connected; told 7 letters RELATED
Method style 3 letters WAY
Burrowing mollusc; fish 5 letters GAPER
Cinema film 5 letters MOVIE
Farm building 4 letters BARN

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