The Times Concise Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

Canalside way 7 letters TOWPATH
Stallion; fastener 4 letters STUD
Small quantity 5 letters PINCH
Burma 7 letters MYANMAR
Solemn declaration 12 letters
Italian city 6 letters VERONA
Italian city 6 letters VENICE
In a short-lived manner 12 letters TRANSITORILY
Blow up 7 letters INFLATE
Relating to eg Hungarian language 5 letters UGRIC
Sit lazily 4 letters LOLL
Eg pistol or sword 7 letters SIDEARM
Narrow strip; record 4 letters TAPE
Berkshire town 7 letters WINDSOR
First day of Lent 12 letters
Small village 6 letters HAMLET
Musical speeds 5 letters TEMPI
Drive insane 7 letters DERANGE
Military drill area 12 letters
Extreme malice 7 letters VITRIOL
Ancient Adriatic area 7 letters ILLYRIA
Capital of Greece 6 letters ATHENS
Very bad 5 letters AWFUL
Dishonest scheme 4 letters SCAM

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