The Times Concise Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Colour 3 letters RED
Garden flower 7 letters VERBENA
Gusty; nervous 5 letters WINDY
Small group of trees 5 letters COPSE
Italian sculptor and architect 7 letters BERNINI
Exhilarated 8 letters THRILLED
Unit of volume 4 letters PINT
Travel by car or horse 4 letters RIDE
Ordinary person 8 letters COMMONER
Maybe 7 letters PERHAPS
Attached to a cart; paired 5 letters YOKED
Lure for game 5 letters DECOY
Badly behaved 7 letters NAUGHTY
Piece of old cloth 3 letters RAG
Wading bird 6 letters AVOCET
Farm yield 4 letters CROP
Eg wheat 6 letters CEREAL
Stirring up a crowd 13 letters
Small creature of myth 5 letters DWARF
Cut 8 letters INCISION
Keyboard user 6 letters TYPIST
Send a different way 8 letters REDIRECT
Fast flowing waters 6 letters RAPIDS
Cockchafer 6 letters MAYBUG
Unwanted flash effect 6 letters REDEYE
Woodland god 5 letters SATYR
Black powder cosmetic 4 letters KOHL

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