The Times Concise Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Former antimalarial drug 7 letters QUININE
Eg irrigate 5 letters WATER
Lowest deck 5 letters ORLOP
Loose-fitting jacket 7 letters BLOUSON
Form of fortune-telling 9 letters ASTROLOGY
Muhammad — boxer 3 letters ALI
Building report 6 letters SURVEY
Enquiring 6 letters ASKING
Male child 3 letters SON
Person bringing legal case 9 letters PLAINTIFF
South American country 7 letters ECUADOR
Narrow leather strip 5 letters THONG
Gap 5 letters SPACE
Woollen bed cover 7 letters BLANKET
Fixed allowance 5 letters QUOTA
Unwell 3 letters ILL
Get better 7 letters IMPROVE
As one unit 6 letters ENBLOC
Covered with trees 5 letters WOODY
Arturo — famous conductor 9 letters TOSCANINI
Managing 7 letters RUNNING
Large spider 9 letters TARANTULA
Organised schemes 7 letters SYSTEMS
Frank — singer 7 letters SINATRA
Capital of Croatia 6 letters ZAGREB
Army chaplain 5 letters PADRE
Struggle 5 letters FIGHT
Tree with acorns 3 letters OAK

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