The Times Concise Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Precious metal 4 letters GOLD
Ceremonial flag 8 letters STANDARD
Small statue 8 letters FIGURINE
Lie in the warmth 4 letters BASK
Responsibility for fault 5 letters BLAME
Catch trap 7 letters CAPTURE
Scuttle scamper 6 letters SCURRY
Out of date expired 6 letters LAPSED
Synthetic material 7 letters PLASTIC
Moved very slowly 5 letters CREPT
Nought 4 letters ZERO
Confident and stylish 8 letters DEBONAIR
About time; secular 8 letters TEMPORAL
Look; noble 4 letters PEER
Bay with window 5 letters ORIEL
Percussion player 7 letters DRUMMER
Short comedy sketch 4 letters SKIT
Easily influenced 8 letters AMENABLE
Payment made or owed 5 letters DEBIT
Hold back; ice 7 letters RESERVE
Public transport 3 letters BUS
Piston chamber 8 letters CYLINDER
Educational establishment 7 letters COLLEGE
Root vegetable 7 letters PARSNIP
Round mark spot 3 letters DOT
Lean forward 5 letters STOOP
Cost of purchase 5 letters PRICE
Brother of Cain 4 letters ABEL

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