The Times Concise Crossword April 16 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword April 16 2021 Answers:

Inflict retribution for 6 letters AVENGE
Devotional painting 4 letters ICON
Addictive drug 8 letters NARCOTIC
Out of; by reason of 4 letters FROM
Very cold 3 letters ICY
City in Ohio 9 letters CLEVELAND
Most senior 6 letters ELDEST
Sudden reversals 6 letters UTURNS
(Of potatoes) cooked with onions 9 letters LYONNAISE
Aggressive dog 3 letters CUR
Satellite 4 letters MOON
Break (a law) 8 letters INFRINGE
Variety of agate 4 letters ONYX
Collector of unwanted household items 6 letters RAGMAN
Ordered arrangement 5 letters ARRAY
Driving out spirits 10 letters EXORCISING
Inventor of radiation detector 6 letters GEIGER
Pirate 7 letters CORSAIR
Wanderer 5 letters NOMAD
Not ready for picking 6 letters UNRIPE
Percussion instrument 10 letters KETTLEDRUM
Dominance of two suppliers 7 letters DUOPOLY
Set of things in line 6 letters SERIES
Brownish pigment 6 letters SIENNA
Intermediate state 5 letters LIMBO
Church decree or law 5 letters CANON

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