The Times Concise Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Times Concise Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Hungarian composer 5 letters LISZT
Cleaning tool 7 letters SCRAPER
Opinion formed in advance 13 letters
Breed of terrier 8 letters AIREDALE
Impatient desire 4 letters ITCH
Social environment 6 letters MILIEU
Burn slightly 6 letters SCORCH
Sudden disappointment 4 letters BLOW
Takes up again 8 letters READOPTS
Aircraft crew member 7 letters STEWARD
Passage between seats 5 letters AISLE
1000kg 5 letters TONNE
Take-off strips 7 letters RUNWAYS
Soothing ointment 7 letters LIPBALM
West African 13 letters
Cutting both ways 8 letters TWOEDGED
Farmer’s tool 6 letters SICKLE
Stout cord 4 letters ROPE
Computer output device 7 letters PRINTER
Large cattle farm 5 letters RANCH
Harmful precipitation 8 letters ACIDRAIN
Female entertainer 7 letters HOSTESS
One giving a loan 6 letters LENDER
Attack from all sides 5 letters BESET
Eg lasagne 5 letters PASTA
Container for flowers 4 letters VASE

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