The Telegraph Quick Crossword June 10 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Quick Crossword June 10 2021 Answers:

Days of — (long ago) 4 letters YORE
Drench 4 letters SOAK
Rear; red deer 4 letters HIND
Leavening agent 5 letters YEAST
Puts on (clothing) 4 letters DONS
Enter by force 6 letters INVADE
Awful 8 letters TERRIBLE
A fast 4 letters LENT
Harvest 4 letters REAP
Tent area (anag.) 8 letters ANTEATER
Hardened 6 letters INURED
Approach 4 letters NEAR
Inuit house 5 letters IGLOO
Large-scale 4 letters EPIC
Unattractive 4 letters UGLY
Store 4 letters SHOP
Company emblem 4 letters LOGO
Tall building 10 letters SKYSCRAPER
Chinese currency 4 letters YUAN
Unforthcoming 8 letters RETICENT
Travel document 4 letters VISA
Explorer 10 letters ADVENTURER
Resolute 10 letters DETERMINED
Nefarious 10 letters VILLAINOUS
Wield wave 8 letters BRANDISH
Small force (mil.) 4 letters UNIT
Applaud 4 letters CLAP
Friendly nation 4 letters ALLY

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