The Telegraph Quick Crossword January 20 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Quick Crossword January 20 2021 Answers:

Automobile 3 letters CAR
Light brown 3 letters TAN
Ambled 5 letters PACED
Salary 5 letters WAGES
Sure 7 letters CERTAIN
Reign 4 letters RULE
Forbearance 8 letters PATIENCE
Mistakes 6 letters ERRORS
Jigs frolics 6 letters DANCES
Charred wood 8 letters CHARCOAL
Nil 4 letters ZERO
Expert 7 letters SKILFUL
A tree 5 letters MAPLE
Scent 5 letters SMELL
Place 3 letters PUT
Sprinted 3 letters RAN
Cringe 5 letters COWER
Uniform 7 letters REGULAR
Exam 4 letters TEST
Drink of the gods 6 letters NECTAR
Biased 8 letters PARTISAN
Series of links 5 letters CHAIN
Asses 7 letters DONKEYS
Elegant 8 letters GRACEFUL
Lets off 7 letters EXCUSES
Less expensive 7 letters CHEAPER
Canter 6 letters GALLOP
Similar 5 letters ALIKE
Large body of water 5 letters OCEAN
Leave out 4 letters OMIT

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