The Telegraph Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Quick Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Woodland 6 letters FOREST
Core; courage 5 letters HEART
Lukewarm 5 letters TEPID
Newness bauble 7 letters NOVELTY
Rice dish 7 letters RISOTTO
Song of praise 4 letters HYMN
An affirmative 3 letters YES
Disallow 4 letters VETO
Spat 4 letters TIFF
Badger; horse 3 letters NAG
Emulate 4 letters COPY
Free 7 letters RELEASE
Hero-worship 7 letters IDOLISE
Sidestep 5 letters AVOID
Cupidity 5 letters GREED
Go hungry 6 letters STARVE
Time to come 6 letters FUTURE
Retort; reply 7 letters RIPOSTE
Rebellion 8 letters SEDITION
Possess 4 letters HAVE
Assuage 5 letters ALLAY
Attempting 6 letters TRYING
Emissary 5 letters ENVOY
Staunch supporter 8 letters STALWART
Character; taste 7 letters FLAVOUR
Performing 6 letters ACTING
Thin porridge 5 letters GRUEL
Interfere 6 letters MEDDLE
Ring 5 letters PHONE
Discover 4 letters FIND

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