The Telegraph Quick Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Quick Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Wall decoration 6 letters FRIEZE
Juicy fruit 5 letters PEACH
Major religion 5 letters ISLAM
Type of pen 7 letters FELTTIP
Scowl 7 letters GRIMACE
Drive on 4 letters URGE
Musical genre 3 letters RAP
Weakness 4 letters FLAW
Engrave 4 letters ETCH
Flightless bird 3 letters EMU
Single time 4 letters ONCE
Feed 7 letters NOURISH
Pageboy for instance 7 letters HAIRCUT
Edition 5 letters ISSUE
Mediterranean island 5 letters CRETE
Copper alloy 6 letters BRONZE
Border 6 letters FRINGE
Hostility 7 letters ILLWILL
African country 8 letters ZIMBABWE
Draw; drag 4 letters PULL
Modify 5 letters ALTER
Punctuation mark 6 letters HYPHEN
Bid 5 letters OFFER
Odd 8 letters PECULIAR
Deep red 7 letters CRIMSON
Architectural style 6 letters GOTHIC
Join 5 letters UNITE
Steal 6 letters THIEVE
Herb 5 letters CHIVE
Pain 4 letters ACHE

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