The Telegraph Quick Crossword April 13 2021 Answers

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The Telegraph Quick Crossword April 13 2021 Answers:

Canvassed 6 letters POLLED
Reply 6 letters ANSWER
Equestrian 5 letters RIDER
Rice dish 7 letters RISOTTO
Falsehood 3 letters LIE
Lure 5 letters DECOY
Relaxation 7 letters LEISURE
Kind of swallow 11 letters HOUSEMARTIN
Choose not to vote 7 letters ABSTAIN
Army rank 5 letters MAJOR
Get older 3 letters AGE
Not as heavy 7 letters LIGHTER
Unclean 5 letters DIRTY
Large advert 6 letters POSTER
Harry — music hall performer 6 letters LAUDER
Procession 6 letters PARADE
Absurd 9 letters LUDICROUS
Before time 5 letters EARLY
Retsina (anag.) 7 letters NASTIER
Humour 3 letters WIT
Greek island 6 letters RHODES
Introductory 11 letters PRELIMINARY
Not hurt 9 letters UNINJURED
Surprise 7 letters STARTLE
Beat soundly; beer 6 letters WALLOP
Entreaty 6 letters PRAYER
The press etc. 5 letters MEDIA
Domestic fuel 3 letters GAS

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