The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword October 30 2020 Answers

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The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword October 30 2020 Answers:

Doubt atmosphere will envelop returning gents? 11 letters AMBIVALENCE
Short procedure with twitch of the eye 5 letters OPTIC
Release former partner about stifled by routine 9 letters EXTRICATE
Alien enemy Queen holding power 9 letters FOREIGNER
Writer’s last words means violin occasionally 5 letters ENVOI
A time to purchase cross for talisman 6 letters AMULET
Learner restricted by unusual throttle 8 letters STRANGLE
Worthless gemstone contains fault 8 letters RUBBISHY
Tyrant vulgarly said ‘Grab the woman!’ 6 letters CAESAR
Initially talk with awfully nasal grating accent 5 letters TWANG
Good person playing Star Mania 9 letters SAMARITAN
Working days limited by choice 9 letters OPERATION
Live deity overturning creed 5 letters DOGMA
Painter’s persevering covering place irregularly 11 letters INTERSPERSE
Vehicle check on exterior of older car 5 letters MOTOR
Queueing catching cold for bank 7 letters INCLINE
Getting on not concerned with getting on 6 letters AGEING
Whole existence accepting empty routine 8 letters ENTIRETY
Sound artist producing fantastic creature 7 letters CHIMERA
Fire cheat over decline on budget 13 letters CONFLAGRATION
Rescues Leia firstly captured by monsters 8 letters SALVAGES
Sea in end ate mariner swimming 13 letters MEDITERRANEAN
Supreme Being originally consumed by excess 8 letters UNBEATEN
For discipline one’s in celibate surroundings 8 letters CHASTISE
Root engulfed by driving rainfall 7 letters INGRAIN
Contract sailor stuck on reef 7 letters ABRIDGE
Corrects this compiler over points 6 letters EMENDS
Agrippa principally wearing clothes. These? 5 letters TOGAS

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